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HEX, a brand revered for its fusion of fashion with practical design, has a heritage steeped in creativity and non-conformity.

As they ventured into the lifestyle market, HEX recognized the importance of authenticity for their brand-conscious audience. They entrusted our agency with communicating their story to the media and influencers, generating excitement and engaging press coverage beyond the product features to the ethos and innovation at the brand's heart.

Public Relations: Our agency forged a dynamic alliance with HEX and comic legend Jim Lee, successfully orchestrating a high-profile PR campaign for the innovative HEX x Jim Lee Artist and Collector backpacks.

This strategic push, highlighted through major comic and media channels like Bleeding Cool, Previews World, Batman News, OpticsPlanet, and CampSaver, leveraged targeted press releases and product showcases, resulting in significant coverage.

Our efforts culminated in heightened visibility and consumer engagement, reflecting the campaign's resonance within the artistic and collector communities across various media touch points.

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