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Strategic UX and design.
Bespoke, multi-platform programs.
Connection and engagement.
Authentic storytelling and public relations.

Leveraging our experience, humility, and values, Anomali by Design connects with people—wherever they’re at, agnostic of circumstance.

We advise. We consult. We create. Thoughtfully, honestly, with measurable and impactful outcomes.

Featured client: Dearborn Denim

Dearborn Denim factory, with copious jeans lined up on either side of shelving that goes off into the distance

Selected legacy engagements:

HEX x Jim Lee

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It's a simple notion: we work on things we love—with clients we love—because they align to our values and fulfill our passions.

Across your design and product work (pairing with you directly—or your internal team—on craft and design), marketing and public relations (developing integrated campaigns, managing media relations, product launches), or overall engagement (true people-first culture and connection), we'll cut through the nonsense and show you what truly works—leveraging our expertise to bring our values, processes, and methods in to your organization.

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  • Design

    Design is "connection" made manifest. Across design strategy and output, collaboration and governance, and ensuring those we’re creating for (and with) are truly advocated for and understood, we’ll ensure “connection” is in the DNA of our engagement.

    It all begins with the craft—that's where it began for us. Leveraging an "all-living-things-centered" mindset to drive quality across your design and product work, we can pair with you directly, your internal team, or your agency partner(s). We're medium-agnostic in our approach and capabilities to drive strategy, UX, prototyping, design, and iteration.

  • Marketing

    We specialize in elevating brands through comprehensive marketing strategies, engaging public relations, and innovative design solutions. We understand the importance of maintaining a brand's core identity while innovatively expanding its reach, crafting narratives that resonate with your audience, leveraging our expertise and media relationships.

    Anomali by Design is dedicated to fostering authentic connections between your brand and its audience, utilizing compelling storytelling and interactive content that captivates and converts. Whether it's influencer collaborations, SEO optimization, or immersive brand experiences, our goal is to position your brand at the forefront of its industry, creating lasting impressions and fostering sustained growth.

  • Engagement

    Engagement is at its apex when employees feel connected to an organization's values, one another, and their work. Translating compassionate values-to-actions into rituals and practices, we'll make sure there's tangible alignment between how you're creating together (culture), and whom you're creating for (craft). We'll advise on how to ensure design is in the DNA of an organization's decision-making and processes, making thoughtful connection a cultural phenomenon with tangible (and measurable) outcomes.

    Our learning program for organizations, '21st Century Leadership: Connection & Engagement,' outlines our approach.


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