Justin Dauer

designer, author, speaker

Justin Dauer

"What is design, if not 'connection' made manifest?"

- "In Fulfillment: The Designer's Journey"

Justin is an internationally renowned design leader, author, and speaker from Chicago.

A perpetual student of design, Justin is ever-evolving in his craft and its infusion with the digital landscape. Medium-agnostic in approach, he leverages the same core set of values across practice (culture), process (craft), and product (output)—with the belief that "connection" is at the heart of it all.

He speaks internationally on culture and design, including keynotes at the UXPA International Conference, Midwest UX, and St. Louis Design Week. Justin is also the writer of the celebrated books "Creative Culture: Human-Centered Interaction, Design, & Inspiration" and "In Fulfillment: The Designer's Journey" and a former VP of Design at CVS Health.

You'll find him often engaging with the AIGA's speaking events, interviewed in Forbes magazine and Medium's Forge publication, and penning articles for Aquent, CEO World Magazine, and A List Apart.


In Fulfillment:
The Designer's Journey

Justin's 2nd book has an eye on the bigger picture on our connection to design—and design as connection in and of itself. The designer’s legacy isn’t built upon their choice of tools. The designer’s legacy is built upon the choices they make—as macro and micro as that implies.

Leveraging the power of storytelling, In Fulfillment covers practical, real-world examples and tactics to ensure your fulfillment serves as a guide toward where, what, and why you create.

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a couple copies of the hardcover book In Fulfillment: The Designer's Journey resting on a wood table

Creative Culture:
Human-Centered Interaction, Design, & Inspiration

The first edition of Justin's 2017 book Cultivating a Creative Culture was written around a core concept: empathy, humility, and creativity at the office—permeating how we treat one another, support one another, and the collective influence upon how we create.⁣

It's upon that last notion, 'how we create,'' where this second edition further focuses on the parallels between "making" and "interacting.” Process and practice. Design and culture.

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a couple copies of the hardcover book Creative Culture: Human-Centered Interaction, Design, and Inspiration resting on a wood table


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