21st Century Leadership: Connection & Engagement

A recent Gallup poll finds that nearly 80% of employees are not engaged—or are actively disengaged at work. Gallup estimates that anemic employee engagement costs the global economy a whopping $7.8 trillion in lost productivity. That’s a staggering 11% of global GDP.”

We’ve developed '21st Century Leadership: Connection & Engagement'—a bespoke learning program—to help organizations navigate / address / rise to the occasion of this disconnection, in step with laser-focused outcomes and trackable metrics.

There are foundational cracks in the way employees are currently engaged, and the resulting disconnection has costs that go beyond the trillions: quality of work reduction, mass attrition, lack of fulfillment, damaged market perception, and on and on.

A culture of connection is a planned, living, and nourished ecosystem of support and engagement that facilitates success. It doesn’t exist by chance and isn’t simply sustained by the light of its own virtue. A healthy culture is designed to be that way. It strives to connect us to one another—and to our collaborative work—agnostic of a remote or in-person seat. And its values are harmonious with the employees it fulfills, fueling an ethical symbiosis devoid of internal conflict.

Organizational values need to not only be as equally represented in actions as they are printed collateral, but they also need to evolve to keep pace with an ever-changing social landscape.

Working within your (and your team’s) schedule—while maintaining momentum to deliver ongoing impact—we’ll leverage the Make Meaningful Work platform to ensure “connection” is at the heart of our engagement, output, and outcomes.

MMW playbook

Our team:

Justin Dauer (Anomali by Design), Dan Szuc, and Jo Wong (Make Meaningful Work) are internationally renowned design and research consultants who have shaped the way organizations connect, collaborate, and thrive for over 25 years.

MMW playbook

Our approach:

  • Understanding the problem through industry foresight, mega trends
    Example outcome: Seeking unexpected perspectives and possibilities rather than prescribing

  • Connecting to values to balance stakeholders interests
    Example outcome: Creating supportive environments, safe spaces for deeper conversations and healthy challenges

  • Challenging assumptions to shape the organization to adapt
    Example outcome: Letting go of control, being vulnerable, and comfortable with uncertainty

  • Aligning on the bigger picture to drive effective collaboration
    Example outcome: Broadening perspectives by encouraging open conversations using lenses

Sound like challenges you're currently facing? You're not alone.

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